6 Keys to Wellbeing

What have your challenges been and how have you been coping? The last year and more has been testing for everyone. There is hardly anyone who has not struggled with their mental health in some way or another. Everyone has been affected.

We thought that you might find some help, for yourself or others, in any of the following that are based on five well known keys to wellbeing, and we have added one of our own as well….


Be connected… communicate with others using any available channels; by phone, video, text or meeting someone for a walk or a coffee

Keep learning… the importance of stimulating your brain with new information about whatever interests you have to keep your mind active and alert

Give… of your time, attention, care, resources and thanks

Be active… do whatever physical exercise you can enjoy in order to remain physically healthy

Observe… spend time looking at nature, art, the local park or creation in its many forms. This can include drawing, painting, photography etc

Rest and relax (our own addition)… whatever helps you to slow down and feel calm. That might be a long hot bath or listening to a nice piece of music

Hopefully these may help to give you fresh ideas, or just helpful reminders, so that you may find better ways to care for yourself and to support others.