Thank you for my counselling sessions … I think what Reach does is awesome.

Council of Management

We are fortunate to have a highly qualified, experienced and committed Council of Management including medical and mental health expertise as well as considerable financial and business experience. Our Council of Management comprises of:

Jonathan Lock is a founding member of Reach and has been a Trustee for over 35 years. He is a retired GP who was the senior partner at Jubilee Medical Centre and previously one of the Mental Health Leads for Liverpool. Jonathan is a Licensed Reader within the Church of England and plays the piano in his local church worship group. He is now involved with the West Lancashire Debt Advice service and has recently restarted playing cricket.

Andrew Fraser who is a Trustee and Director of Reach and a Management Consultant by profession with 35 years’ experience within change management and organisational performance. Andrew is a keen public speaker.

Pete Morris who is a founding member and has been a Trustee and Director of Reach for 35 years. Pete is Company Secretary and recently retired as an Accountant. He has a keen interest in motor sports.

Andy Bond who is a founding member and has been a part of Reach for 35 years. Andy is Reach’s employed Co-ordinator and a co-opted member of the Council. He advises on progress in all areas. He is chair of the Counselling and Training Sub Committee and oversees all appraisals and training. Andy has a keen interest in photography.

Annual Report

To access the most recent Annual Report please click here: Performance Review 2021-22

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