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Thank you for continuing to be available to me during the pandemic. It means so much!

Welcome to the Reach Supporters Cafe

This is intended as a place especially for supporters (Partners and Friends) of Reach and Team, where we share an up to date insight into the work that you are making possible. We want it to feel as close as possible to you sitting down and having a cup of coffee with us! Please read on…

Still Open, But In New Ways

We are pleased to share that Reach has been open for business throughout the pandemic to help those in need. We adapted and counselling moved to mainly telephone or video counselling. As society started to open up again we reassessed the situation and began to offer face to face counselling where counsellors and clients were able to maintain covid safe guidelines. This has particularly helped clients who would benefit most from being in the same room as their counsellor. Many sessions, however, still continue by phone or video which offers both flexibility and safety.

Some sessions moved to being more supportive in nature as some clients can’t find safe places to continue with their counselling focus, or they have been so isolated by the current crisis.

Our clients have expressed their gratitude for the flexibility of our counsellors during the pandemic. This has often meant counsellors being flexible enough to find a private confidential space at home. To feel more at home with this way of working some counsellors have undertaken further training on telephone and video counselling. Who knew counselling would ever take place in counsellors’ living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens?

Unsurprisingly there has been a reduction in donations as some clients are struggling financially, so we are especially grateful for what you as Partners and Friends are generously giving which is proving to be of such vital help in these difficult times.

In fact the number of people applying for counselling with Reach has increased. In these uncertain times the demand for counselling is growing. We are therefore grateful that we have recently been able to take on three new counsellors to assist.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul.”

How Are You? 

What have your challenges been and how have you been coping? The last year has been testing for everyone and it is not easy to find the sense of rest that God desires for us. We hope you have been able to stay in touch with your friends and family and even to occasionally see them at a social distance?

We are aware that you, like many people, may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted or even affected by grief after losing loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you if you are struggling with dramatically changing circumstances.

The pandemic has certainly led to a growing national concern for mental health issues which you as our supporters have been caring and doing something about for many years. Everyone has been affected. We hope that you have been able to adjust and that you are finding a good way through.

Hopefully you might find some help, for yourself or others, in any of the following that are based on five well known keys to wellbeing:

Be connected… communicate with others using any available channels; phone, video, text or meeting someone for a walk

Keep learning… the importance of stimulating your brain with new information about whatever interests you have to keep your mind active and alert

Give… of your time, attention, care, resources, thanks and worship

Be active… do whatever physical exercise you enjoy, and is available, in order to remain physically healthy

Observe… spend time looking at nature, art, the local park or creation in its many forms. This can include drawing, painting, photography etc

We would also like to add:

Rest and relax…whatever helps you to slow down and feel calm. That might be a long hot bath or listening to a nice piece of music etc.

Venues: Face To Face or Not Face To Face, That Is The Question! 

During the last year’s constant changes Reach has tried to work with the up to date ethical advice to help clients at each venue. Here is a short update on each of our venues.

West Kirby: We are pleased to share that Liz Jones is now counselling one day a week through West Kirby. She has taken over from Jane who recently left Reach to start a new job. After meeting with church leaders Liz began counselling here from September 2020, as conditions allow.

Liz has been with Reach for 5 years and also counsels in Chester and Liverpool. She is a former primary school teacher and has a degree in counselling. Please pray for her to settle in and to build new therapeutic relationships.

Liverpool: Mal, our Appointments’ Manager, is on long term leave of absence due to her husband recent passing in July 2021. He will be much missed by all who knew him.

This has led to increased pressures with fewer staff available and yet greater need. For months of the first lockdown Andy was the only one coming into the office, managing reception and arranging new appointments. Andy is very grateful that Alan and Jeff have now been coming in more regularly.

With the growing challenge to enable sessions for new clients, we have interviewed for more counsellors. We are pleased to say that three new counsellors have been successful. Greg & Naomi are students and they are completing their training with us and about to commence sessions with clients in Liverpool. Please pray for our new counsellors to feel integrated and to get up and running quickly.

Sheffield: Kay was given permission to counsel again face to face in our Sheffield venue at St. Thomas Philadelphia Church last September. As mentioned most of our venues have tried to offer some face to face counselling to help those with the greatest need, however, this is constantly under review to remain safe.

Wrexham: Wrexham, our newest venue, has now been up and running successfully for well over a year.

Manchester: There have been no face to face appointments as the building has mainly been closed. All appointments have continued to be remote.

Chester: Before the current lockdown we had been doing some face to face counselling, but then Wendy had a break due to the sad loss of her stepson, but she is thankfully now back. Jean, who is a fully qualified counsellor, has just joined us as a new staff member in Chester.

Due to tightening restrictions in early 2021 principally only Liverpool was offering some face to face counselling though from the summer onwards some face to face sessions has resumed at most venues. 

‘One in a Thousand’ Appeal 

We are close to the £10,000 target we set for donations towards the refurbishment of our Liverpool counselling rooms and offices. Thank you to all who have donated for your generosity.

We are pleased to say that works to repaint the exterior have started during the autumn of 2021. This will be followed by the production of a new sign and then eventually we will move on to the interior which will prove a much bigger logistical challenge! We will share more and some pictures in due course.

Dashboard – Some Informative Stats!

Number of counsellors Number in admin/reception Team Number of venues Average number of appointments arranged each month in 2020 Number of Partners Number of Friends
14 3 6 251 60 182
Number of counsellors 14
Number in admin/reception Team 3
Number of venues 6
Average number of appointments arranged each month in 2020 251
Number of Partners 60
Number of Friends 182


Reach provides an excellent starting point to rebuild your life. I now feel more able to cope with my mental health issues, family bereavement and illness. 

(A Client Quote from Dec 2020)


Prayer Pointer

angelWe would value your prayers for any aspect of what we have shared that God places on your heart. Thank you!

Together every week we are changing lives

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