Donation Guidelines

Counselling helped me to see different ways of seeing things and myself and accepting things for what they are.

Donation Guidelines

Reach is primarily funded through individual donations. A £5 fee is required in order to register for counselling, but a fixed fee is not charged per session. We encourage clients to donate in line with our ‘fair donation principle’.

It has always been our aim to offer professional quality counselling for anyone in need on a donation-only basis. To allow this distinctive service to continue, and so that we can pay our few employed staff at a reasonable rate, we would like you to consider our ‘fair donation principle’. We do not want anyone to be prevented from receiving counselling for financial reasons, however, we do ask clients to consider giving in line with our ‘fair donation principle’ which is £1 per £1,000 of annual income per session. For example:

  • For those with an income of £15,000 per year – £15 per session
  • For those with an income of £25,000 per year – £25 per session
  • For those with an income of £40,000 per year – £40 per session

If you are fortunate enough to earn over £50,000 please use your discretion in deciding what to give.

Generally we would encourage students, those on benefits, or those only receiving state pension to donate £10 per session. This helps us to see a wide range of clients based on need rather than the ability to pay.

Please note that the average cost of seeing a counsellor outside of Reach is about £40 a session.

We consider our ‘fair donation principle’ to be part of the respectful relationship that will enable you to make the best progress in your counselling. Donating at an appropriate level creates a positive therapeutic connection, in that those who do so are very likely to make good progress by valuing their counselling appropriately and respecting themselves, their counsellor and Reach. Thank you for your consideration.

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