The Benefits

The counselling took my wife and I at a low point and helped build up our marriage. We particularly valued our counsellor’s even-handedness, sensitivity and understanding.

The Benefits

Over more than 30 years Reach has helped thousands of individual clients to find better health and better lives. As a supporter of Reach, through your generosity, you will provide care for those you will never know about! You are playing a part in supporting hundreds of clients each year from all levels of society. By supporting Reach you will enable the following benefits:

The Benefits of Reach

  • Quality Christian counselling to be available for anyone in need across the North West of England
  • Reach provides supervision for counsellors, chaplains and church leaders
  • Reach enables trained and skilled counsellors to unburden themselves
  • Reach strives towards being a centre of excellence for Christian Counselling
  • A place of referral from GPs and health professionals for those dealing with anxiety, stress and mental health issues
  • Reach presents Christian Counselling as a credible therapeutic response to many of the needs that both Christians and non-Christians face
  • We are a 21st Century neighbour caring for the hurt and those who are struggling
  • Reach offers the opportunity for people to fulfil the potential God has given them for lives of peace and purpose 

The Benefits for Clients

  • Help for those struggling with the daily difficulties of life
  • Relief from hidden isolation
  • The assurance of confidentiality
  • Being treated with empathy and professionalism to enable better lives
  • In depth support for Christians that churches cannot provide
  • A safe place for church leaders facing crisis or overcome with stress
  • Help for those who are suffering or struggling with their faith
  • Hope for those have experienced sexual abuse
  • Assistance for those facing marriage difficulties
  • Help for married couples to improve communication and to repair a marriage after an affair
  • Helping young people with issues such as eating disorders and bullying
  • A safe place to go in time of greatest need
Reachfor a better life