Our History

You provided a safe, prayerful and professional environment for me to speak about matters which I could not easily share with anyone.

Our History

A group of like-minded people from different churches in Liverpool formed in 1985/1986 with the aim of meeting others at their point of need. They listened to each other, prayed, sought advice and underwent training, learning both formally and informally. This included meeting with the now late Selwyn Hughes of CWR and all the team undergoing the CWR residential counselling course.

This group explored the need to provide counselling as well as considering accommodation issues for vulnerable people. Barnardo’s allowed the use of a room one day per week and then funded a project worker for two years. A link was made with Manpower Services to run a Job Club and Restart for the long term unemployed. This provided money to rent an office and counselling rooms. We then started offering counselling which grew as people benefited and shared the news with others. Counselling was not available in those days in GP’s surgeries. We went on to become a founding member of the Association of Christian Counsellors.

This eventually led to Reach training people from churches around the North West some of whom were recruited onto the counselling team. This has since resulted in our having several counselling venues spread across the region and most recently even further afield to Sheffield in September 2018 and Wrexham in October 2019.

Our Links

Reach is…

A founder and member of the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC)

A member of the Evangelical Alliance sharing the same basis of faith

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