Client Feedback

Our counselling was very beneficial, it helped to keep us together.

Client Feedback

You will find client quotes across our website, and we have added others below, to give a snapshot of some of the experiences former clients have had with Reach. This may help you appreciate how counselling at Reach could be of benefit to you or those you care about. Please note that all clients gave permission for their quotes to be used anonymously when completing evaluation forms at the end of their counselling with Reach.

I found the experience of counselling through Reach a really worthwhile experience. I felt extremely accepted and encouraged by the counsellor. I thank God for having used Reach to help me get breakthrough in my life. Thank you.

My counsellor helped me to see the way forward, bring back my sense of hope for the future and deal with my feelings and panic attacks so that I could once again get back to living life and actually enjoying it.

A safe place to go to express inner feelings and emotions without fear of rejection or judgement.

Our marriage was in tatters, the counselling has kick started our relationship and got us back on track.

I felt that I was equipped with the strategies to help me change my outlook and behaviour.

My counsellor had a great depth of insight and understanding and the ability to put me completely at ease which led to complete openness.

Me and (my counsellor) done lots of fun things. It made me feel better!

– from an 11 year old client

My wellbeing has vastly improved following my sessions. Working through things and seeing a different perspective has helped me to deal with issues more effectively.

Thank you for your help. I have appreciated your support. I could certainly recommend Reach to others and it is good to know that you are there to help.

The service offered by Reach is superb, my counsellor has been invaluable during a very difficult time in my life.

You provided a safe, prayerful and professional environment for me to speak about matters which I could not easily share with anyone.

Thank you for my counselling sessions they were incredibly insightful and encouraging, I think what Reach does is awesome.

When I reflect I can see how far I have come and developed as a person. I am grateful to have Reach along on my journey from chaos to wholeness. Thank you.

My counsellor was extremely positive, constructive and supportive.

Reachfor a better life