A client recognises themselves in our new logo

We are just beginning to use our new logo. This has been designed to be contemporary, reflective of our work and to inspire hope. The contrasting fonts used express the unique combination of both the structure and the freedom that is required for a positive counselling relationship.

The strapline ‘for a better life’ was incorporated because this is what clients often tell us they experience through coming to Reach. This ‘better life’ is also what we seek to work towards with each client whatever their starting point may have been.

The expressive figure in the logo is presently known as our ‘aspirational figure’ since this is meant to represent the energy, freedom and fullness of life that we are committed to helping people work towards. One client, who was finishing their counselling, recently saw this new figure and said “that is me – that is how I feel now!”. We hope and pray that many more clients will continue to have this experience.